Virginia Senate Republican Caucus


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Tue, 2010-02-09 19:00 -- tjcosgrove

Today, Senate Democrats exercised a partisan power play by using procedural tactics to defeat two bills sponsored by Republican legislators on party-line votes.  The Senate voted to re-refer Senate Bills 601 and 102 to the Committee on Finance with a recommendation that they be carried over for the year.  Senate Bill 601, patroned by Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Virginia Beach), dealt with the allocation of future offshore drilling royalties.  Senate Bill 102, patroned by Sen.

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Sen. Watkins Talks About Jobs and Economic Development

Tue, 2010-01-26 19:00 -- tjcosgrove

The largest attended Capitol news conference of the 2010 Session highlighted what I consider the most important task our state government faces, namely getting our people back to work.   Unemployment in Virginia is much, much more than a statistic.  It is neighbors, friends or family members who are denied the opportunity to provide for themselves or their families.

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Vogel's Redistricting Bill Draws Attention

Mon, 2010-01-25 19:00 -- tjcosgrove

Senator Jill H. Vogel (Fauquier) has introduced SB 626 to create a bipartisan commission to conduct Virginia's redistricting processes.  The legislation would establish a seven-member temporary commission to prepare districts for the House of Delegates, the Senate, and Congress every ten years. 

Sen. Vogel headlined a press conference advocating the legislation on January 25.  The following are media hits from that press conference:

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