Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Vote Like Our Future Depends On It!

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Sun, 2010-10-31 20:00 -- ajohnston

Tomorrow YOU have the responsibility to begin America's road to a brighter future.  Do not let anything divert you from that responsibility.  Contact friends and neighbors that might be willing to go to the polls with you.  Vote like our future depends on it!

Congressman Perriello said he would listen…

On ObamaCare, we asked him to oppose the bill--he did not listen!

On Stimulus legislation, we told him it would not stimulate the economy - he did not listen!

On Cap and Trade, we told him it would destroy household budgets - he did not listen!

If you vote responsibly on Tuesday  -  we will be heard!

You Do Have A Real Choice With Robert Hurt- He Will Listen

Robert Hurt has served the people that he was elected to represent so well that he has been re-elected by over whelming margins each election.  He listens to his constituents and represents them well and he will do the same in Washington.  He has the highest of ratings from The NRA, Farm Bureau Political PAC, The Family Foundation, and Right to Life organizations.  I ask you to do everything you can to get folks to the polls.  

Again, I cannot stress the importance of doing our duty as Americans and going to vote in tomorrow's mid-term elections.  Call your friends and neighbors, head out to the polls, and support Robert Hurt for Congress.  If you have some time tomorrow, volunteer to give someone at the polls a break.  We can change America's future one vote at a time. Make that vote count.


Frank Ruff
Office of Senator Frank Ruff