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VA Beach and Chesapeake maintain dedicated Senate seats

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Wed, 2011-04-27 20:00 -- ajohnston

Virginia Beach and Chesapeake maintain dedicated Senate seats

Concerns clearly expressed by the citizens finally addressed

Richmond, VA, - The State Senate reached a bi-partisan compromise this morning regarding its redistricting plan. After weeks of public scrutiny, the new proposal keeps two dedicated senators in Virginia Beach and leaves Chesapeake with one district with a majority in Chesapeake. Numerous residents of both localities have been speaking out since the original proposal was released over three weeks ago. Thanks to the leadership of our governor, the Senate was forced to redraw it's lines so they are more contiguous and compact, and respect communities of interest.

 "The public outcry from the dissatisfaction with the original plan was finally heard by the Democratic leadership allowing a new bi-partisan plan to be created," said Senator McWaters (R-8th). "I'm glad Virginia Beach and Chesapeake have the dedicated Senate seats they are entitled to in this new proposal."

 "I'm pleased to be in a district that closely resembles the one I was elected to represent, by the citizens of Virginia Beach, just 16 months ago. I am looking forward to the upcoming campaign and continuing my candid discussions with voters across our great city."

 HB5005, which contains both the House and Senate lines, will now go to Governor McDonnell who is expected to sign the legislation within a week.