Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

An Urgent Request from Senator Mark Obenshain

Thu, 2011-09-29 20:00 -- Mike

Over the past year, I have campaigned tirelessly all across Virginia to take back a conservative majority in the Virginia Senate. Now we are less than 39 days to election and I need your help.


Republicans lost the majority in 2007 after we lost our way as a party. During our time in the wilderness, we rediscovered our commitment to core conservative principles like limited government and individual liberty and responsibility. It has been heartening to see my party "come home."


We have witnessed how successful Republicans can be when they stand for the principles of lower taxes and limited government.


We saw it in 2009 when we elected Governor McDonnell, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.


We saw it in 2010 when we elected Congressmen Robert Hurt, Scott Rigell, and Morgan Griffith.


And we will see it again in 2011 when we elect a conservative majority in the Senate of Virginia.


Today we are on the cusp of taking back a senate majority and removing the final impediment to implementing Governor McDonnell's pro-growth, pro-Virginia agenda.


That's why I am contacting you today. Right now, Dick Saslaw and his army of liberal Senators have outraised Senate Republicans by over $800,000. We'll need to beat back that onslaught - andthat's why we need your help!




Senate Republicans are running candidates in 35 Senate Districts; Senate Democrats are running 22 candidates.  Republicans in the Senate have stretched the playing field by running principled conservatives who are articulating a message that is resonating with Virginians from Wytheville to Alexandria to Norfolk, and even with their cash advantage, Democrats are scrambling to decide who to throw off the boat and who they need to save.


They're already worried. Let's send them into panic mode!


A contribution of $25, $50, $200, or $1,000 would go a long way to show Dick Saslaw and the Democrats that Virginians want to see change and they want to see it now!


We have come a long way as a party over the past 4 years, and we have an opportunity to implement policies that Democrats have been stonewalling since the day Governor McDonnell was elected.  Now let's buckle down and win the majority!