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An Update from Senator Ruff: March 28, 2011

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Sun, 2011-03-27 20:00 -- ajohnston

Next week we return to Richmond for the Veto Session. This is a time when we consider the bills that Governor McDonnell vetoes and amends.  We will go into this veto session with another goal as well- beginning the process of redrawing our District Lines.  This is a project that we undertake every 10 years after the US Census results are submitted.  There are eight public hearings on redistricting scheduled throughout the state.  For more information on Redistricting, you can visit the state's redistricting website. 

Exercise Bill

Last week Governor McDonnell opted to veto legislation that called for 30 minutes of physical education each school day.  I applaud this decision by Governor McDonnell. This bill passed the Senate 38-2. I was one of those in opposition. I voted against this bill because I disagree with how it dictates one part of the school day with no consideration of how it affects anything else.  We do not require a set length of time each day on the core academic disciplines such as math and reading.  Why then would we do so for physical education?

Whose Job is it anyway?

The goal of the legislation is good. It is to address the issue of childhood obesity.  However, 30 minutes a day for 180 days a year will not change what is happening the other twenty three and half hours of those days and the 185 days when they children are not in schools.  If we want to seriously address the problem we must work with the parents.  Parents are the ones that set the course for their children's life.  This belief, by chance, was re-enforced during the session when I went to buy my wife a Valentine's Day gift.  The clerk, rather than getting assistance, was going to charge me far less than she should have.  I thought about that being such a great deal for a moment and I told her "no", that I would rather forget the purchase than allow that to happen.  Why did I do that?  Because when I was young, I went to a store and the clerk gave me a quarter too much in change.  When I told my father about my good fortune, he made me go back to the store and return the quarter.  That lesson was welled learned.  I have carried it my entire life.  Parents must always remember that what they do, what they say, and what examples they set will be seen and copied by their children. 

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Frank Ruff

15th Senate District