Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Senators in The News, Oct. 21-25

Mon, 2011-10-24 20:00 -- Mike
  • Senator Jeff McWaters
  • Senator Frank Ruff
    • For unopposed candidates, new districts to learn- State Sen. Frank M. Ruff Jr. needs to settle in for a three-hour drive from one end of the sprawling, rural 15th District to the other. Under the recent redistricting, he has picked up parts of Prince George and Dinwiddie counties after losing folks in the Farmville area.
  • Senator Bill Stanley
  • Senator Fred Quayle
    • Blame for new tolls travels many roads, but costs land here- Virginia Pilot- Frequent travelers between Norfolk and Portsmouth are starting to fret. New tolls to help pay for a second tube at the Midtown Tunnel and improvements at the Downtown Tunnel will lighten their wallets.
    • Whose Senate seat is it?- Washington Post- Virginia Sen. Fred Quayle (R-Chesapeake) is retiring. Not by choice, but by the sometimes fickle, sometimes vengeful, hand of redistricting. In an exit interview, of sorts, with Quayle, the Virginian-Pilot manages to unearth a gem that bears additional scrutiny.
    • After 20 years of crossing aisles, Quayle is drawn out- Virginia Pilot- For the first time in two decades, state Sen. Fred Quayle is sitting out the General Assembly election this fall, and it's not by choice.
    • Election slate set- Suffolk News Herald- Suffolk voters could find some new faces at their doors or in their mailboxes in the coming weeks
  • Senator John Watkins
    • Bernard challenges Watkins for state Senate seat- Richmond Times Dispatch- Dressed in a dark suit and armed with a hefty stack of campaign fliers, Democrat David Bernard walks the well-manicured suburban lawns of South Richmond, seeking support.




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