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Senator Ruff's News from Richmond - Jan. 24, 2011

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Sun, 2011-01-23 19:00 -- ajohnston

The Lee-Jackson Holiday last Friday and the King Holiday on Monday meant many involved with government - schools, local, state, and federal workers had long weekends.  The General Assembly did not. We worked a normal week.  However, we did have many that were off who came to Richmond to talk to legislators about the issues with which they are interested.  If there are any issues that you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to contact me at, or by calling my office at 804 698 7515.

Senate Caucus Positions

Our caucus, the Senate Republicans, has agreed to support  the following positions during the 2011 Session:
*Increased transparency and accountability in the budget process
*Oppose tax increases
*Protect ' Right to Work'  status and oppose 'Card Check'
*Support the Repeal Amendment that would protect the states from the run away Federal Government
*Support enforcement of immigration laws and require use of E-Verify for companies that want to do business with the state

Some of My Legislation

Senate Bill 1408, would bar local governments from charging the BPOL (Business/Professional/Occupational License) tax to businesses that have had a loss from the previous year.  In football, there is a 15 yard penalty for piling onto the ball carrier after the whistle has blown.  We should extend the same principle to the struggling small businesses that have suffered from a bad year and a crippling economy.  There is no need to penalize the businesses that are already down.  This bill, if passed, would exempt a business after a bad year.  If we really want small local businesses, we should be working with them as they employ our friends and neighbors; we must not work against them.

It was great to see so many folks from the district at the Agribusiness dinner last week. Likewise we had many other visitors, such as VFW members from the South Hill area that made the journey to our office.  Familiar faces are always a welcome sight.  If you're planning to visit the Capitol between now and February 26, please stop by our office.  You can contact us by sending an e-mail to, or by sending a letter to me at Senate of Virginia, PO Box 396, Richmond VA 23218-0396.  You can also call us at 804-698-7515.