Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Senator John Watkins Announces Candidacy For Re-election

Sun, 2011-06-19 20:00 -- Mike

MIDLOTHIAN, Va, JUNE 20, 2011:  Senator John C. Watkins (R-Chesterfield) has declared his candidacy for reelection to the Senate of Virginia.  The announcement was made from his Midlothian office to the many followers with whom he has communicated over the years, providing weekly updates on activities in the General Assembly during the legislative sessions in which he served.

Watkins (R-Chesterfield) has successfully filed for the Republican nomination for the Virginia Senate in the 10th District.  As the only candidate to file as a Republican, Watkins has been declared the Republican nominee and his name will appear on the ballot in the November 8th General Election.

Senator Watkins has served 14 years representing the 10th District in the Virginia Senate.  Reconfigured during the General Assembly’s ongoing special session on redistricting, the 10th Senatorial District now includes Powhatan County, and portions of Chesterfield County and the City of Richmond.

Senator Watkins remains focused on building relationships between the jurisdictions in the Richmond metropolitan area with a unique focus on transportation, water quality improvements and economic development.

Committed to the furtherance of higher education in this region and throughout Virginia, Senator Watkins has successfully promoted greater independence for larger universities, allowing them to continue not only as centers for higher education but also to provide economic centers for research and job creation.

Senator Watkins has also emphasized K-12 education in the region, and has promoted the appropriateness and competitive aspects of pay and benefits for teachers, local government, and state government.

“I am looking forward to the fall campaign, and to meeting with the people I serve at the Capitol,” declared Watkins.  “I will be meeting with citizens and with citizen groups across the 10th District, so that I can hear about their concerns and hopes for the future of Virginia and our region.”