Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Senate Republicans in the News - March 11-14, 2011

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The following are articles from newspapers, blogs, and other news sources throughout the Commonwealth and the country featuring members of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus.

  • Senator Emmett Hanger
  • Senator Ryan McDougle
    • Session showed differences between political partiesRichmond Times-Dispatch - Elections matter. While that simple declarative sentence may seem to restate the obvious, there were examples aplenty of how elections can make a difference on display during this year's General Assembly session.
  • Senator Tommy Norment
    • Hang up and drive (Letter to Editor)The Daily Press - The House Police, Militia, and Public Safety Committee should be made to fully explain their reasons for tabling state Sen. Tommy Norment's "hands-free" phone bill.
    • Free oil changes a way to give backThe Virginia Gazette - Charlie Marcotte regards Family Service Day, which his American Pride Automotive rolls out every six weeks, as more than just a nice thing for single parents.
  • Senator Mark Obenshain
    • Harrisonburg passes tax exemption as incentive for solar powerAugusta Free Press - Harrisonburg City Council Tuesday night passed an ordinance offering a 100 percent exemption from local taxes for solar power installations, helping the city to join 13 other localities in Virginia that offer a 100 percent exemption for developers and homeowners to install solar power in their communities.
  • Senator Jill Vogel
    • 'A political statement' - The General Assembly passed a bill authorizing stricter regulations for abortion centers Thursday, but the debate is far from over in Virginia.
  • Senator William Wampler, Jr.
    • In shaky economic times, Virginia doling out tax breaksThe Washington Post - For four years, the Virginia General Assembly has scrimped, scrounged and borrowed to pay for schools, highways, police, and public programs that care for the mentally ill, the disabled and the poor.