Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Senate Republicans in the News - February 27 - March 1

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The following are articles from newspapers, blogs, and other news sources throughout the Commonwealth and the country featuring members of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus. 

  • Multiple Senators
  • Senator Harry Blevins
    • Motorist-safety measures falter in House panelRichmond Times-Dispatch - Two bills aimed at improving motorist safety were run off the legislative road this week in a House of Delegates subcommittee, but two other measures seem on their way to eventual passage in the General Assembly.
  • Senator Emmett Hanger, Jr.
    • House 'Amazon bill' dies in - A House subcommittee this week killed a bill to force big online retailers to collect and remit Virginia sales tax to the state.
    • Gun backers push to peel back limitsAssociated Press - Gun control advocates think, if not pray, they can win by losing when the Supreme Court decides whether the constitutional right to possess guns serves as a check on state and local regulation of firearms.
  • Senator Ryan McDougle
  • Senator Frank Quayle
    • Legislation to block OLF is groundedTidewater News - Legislation that could have stopped the Navy from locating an Outlying Landing Field in Western Tidewater has been refused permission for takeoff this year. But OLF opponents aren’t giving up.
    • State officials warn of indefinite closures to shellfish harvestingThe Daily Press - Upper creek beds and other polluted waterways may be closed indefinitely to shellfish harvesting due to a proposed budget cut, a state Health Department official warned on Friday.
  • Senator Richard Stuart

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