Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Senate Republicans in the News - February 23

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The following are articles from newspapers, blogs, and other news sources throughout the Commonwealth and the country featuring members of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus.

  • Senator Emmett Hanger, Jr.
    • Virginia Weighs Indexing Gas Tax To Fuel EfficiencyDownstream Today - Gov. Bob McDonnell may oppose any tax increase to balance Virginia's struggling two-year budget, but the idea of implementing an adjusted increase in the gas tax to keep from losing existing transportation revenue is gaining bipartisan traction in the Virginia Senate.
  • Senator Stephen Newman
    • Virginia on SpeedNBC Washington - A measure to raise speed limits is gaining momentum
  • Senator Tommy Norment
    • Legislators applaud the Gloucester 40The Daily Press - contingent of Gloucester citizens who were among 40 people who filed petitions seeking the removal from office of four county supervisors received standing ovations Monday from the General Assembly for fighting for their First Amendment rights to petition government for a redress of grievances.
  • Senator Mark Obenshain
  • Senator Frank Ruff
    • Legislators target K-12 schools in budget cutsCollegiate Times - Virginia’s proposed budget has met resistance from supporters of K-12 education and health care as state legislators have laid out competing plans that would slash funding.
  • Senator Walter Stosch
    • What’s the Big Deal About Tax Conformity?CPA Café - Virginia has employed retroactive fixed date tax conformity for many years now. While not the ideal model due to a part-time legislature that meets from January to March, it has worked out okay for the past few years at least with conformity legislation being among the first few bills to be passed and signed into law.
  • Senator Richard Stuart
    • Budget dance beginsApria Healthcare - The Virginia House of Delegates and Senate money committees yesterday unveiled competing budget proposals that both restore $950 million in annual car-tax payments to localities and cut Medicaid funding but differ on how much to trim from K-12 education.
  • Senator Frank Wagner

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