Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Senate Republicans in the News - August 10-12, 2010

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Wed, 2010-08-11 20:00 -- ajohnston

The following are articles from newspapers, blogs, and other news sources throughout the Commonwealth and the country featuring members of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus.

  • Senator Emmett Hanger
  • Senator Robert Hurt
    • Contract awarded on commerce center workThe Franklin News-Post - Franklin County has awarded a $997,498 construction contract for development of two new building sites in the Franklin County Commerce Center.
  • Senator Mark Obenshain
  • Senator Frank Ruff
    • Supervisors talk - Monday the Mecklenburg County Board of Supervisors discussed Governor Bob McDonnell’s proposal to privatize Virginia ABC stores and expressed concern that the alcohol may become more readily available to the youth of Mecklenburg County.
    • Tax takes holidayThe Gazette-Virginian - Downtown South Boston merchants held their annual sidewalk sale this past weekend during the state’s fifth annual tax-free back-to-school shopping period Friday through Sunday.
  • Senator Walter Stosch
  • Senator Jill Vogel
  • Senator John Watkins
    • State Unemployment Account - Virginia's unemployment compensation account is empty and if it were not for money being borrowed by Richmond from Washington, the checks people are counting on would bounce. State lawmakers sat down Monday to talk about how to start digging out of the mess.