Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Senate Republicans in the News - April 22, 2010

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The following are articles from newspapers, blogs, and other news sources throughout the Commonwealth and the country featuring members of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus.

  • Senator Ryan McDougle
    • Va. lawmakers say EPA’s runoff rules use inaccurate dataCharlottesville Daily Progress - A federal agency has cited inaccurate statistics in building a case for tougher stormwater regulations, two Virginia lawmakers said Tuesday.
    • Veteran state legislators cite faulty EPA stormwater claimsThe Mechanicsville Local - Two veteran members of the Virginia General Assembly, Del. Tim Hugo of Clifton and Sena. Ryan McDougle of Mechanicsville, announced the release of a letter Wednesday to Gov. Bob McDonnell, which noted that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Chesapeake Bay Program has been using faulty data in their efforts to encourage the six Bay states and the District of Columbia to strengthen their stormwater management regulations.
  • Senator Steve Newman
    • Measure allows murder charge in infant death casesLynchburg News Advance - Legislation will take effect immediately that allows authorities to charge a woman with murder if she kills her newly born infant while the umbilical cord is still attached.
  • Senator Mark Obenshain
    • Virginia legislature restricts abortion fundingThe Washington Post - The Virginia General Assembly on Wednesday accepted proposals from Gov. Robert F. McDonnell to restrict state funding for abortions, expand spending on economic development and raise fines for speeders, but lawmakers resisted some cuts he had sought for social services.
  • Senator Ralph Smith
    • Republicans Hold Mass Meeting and Women’s ConventionRoanoke Star-Sentinel - On Thursday evening, the Roanoke County Administration Building was packed to capacity for the Roanoke County Republican Mass Meeting. 
    • Bills sink and swim   – - Gov. Bob McDonnell had already signed nearly 800 bills into law when he brought more than one hundred amendments to bills for legislators to approve or reject on Wednesday.
  • Senator Richard Stuart
  • Senator William Wampler
    • House preserves funding for public radio, child servicesRichmond Times Dispatch - The House of Delegates today rejected Gov. Bob McDonnell’s amendments to reduce funding for public radio and television and for the Comprehensive Services Act, which provides services for needy children.