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News from the Office of Senator Frank Ruff - August 31, 2010

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This week it was announced that Microsoft will be making a $500 million investment into Mecklenburg County by way of a data center in Boydton.  This is the single largest investment in Southside Virginia's history and a giant step in the right direction for job growth in the region.   I want to thank all those that made it happen.  The County officials who did a great job with the site, the state economic development folks who brought Microsoft to look at Mecklenburg, the Tobacco Commission that put in incentives, and Governor McDonnell for coming to Boydton to help close the deal.  It has been my honor to work with all of them on this project.

Healthcare concerns are growing

Recently I sent out my concerns with government run medical care, as it is operated in the United Kingdom. Some interpreted that to think I believe that the current healthcare system is perfect.  That is most assuredly not the case.  I would, however, compare what happened this year in Washington to a young, inexperienced automobile driver.  New drivers do not fully understand the power they have in controlling a car.  Therefore, when they allow the car's right tire to drop off the pavement, they tend to overreact and over-steer to the left.  This might bring them directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle or send the car across the road into a tree.  Those in Washington saw some obvious problems with our healthcare system and over-reacted.  Instead of addressing the real issues, like lawsuits and defensive medicine, they chose to rebuild the entire system.  Many of us warned that they were taking serious missteps.  The public understood but Congress did not. We are only now starting to really understand the serious, long-term effects this will have on our families and creating the jobs needed to support those families.  Congress has clearly over-steered into the path of a tractor trailer!

Charlottesville area at Kluge Winery

  I know it is a long way to Kluge Winery in Albermarle County for many, but I wanted you to be aware that Governor Bob McDonnell will be joining Senator Emmett Hanger and myself at a reception at the winery on Sept 15thClick for more information about the winery reception

Again, thank you for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to call me at 434 374 5129 or email me at if I can be of any service to you.


Frank Ruff\

15th Senate District