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News from the Office of Senator Frank Ruff - April 23, 2010

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Thu, 2010-04-22 20:00 -- ajohnston

    The pace in Richmond during session is hectic, however at least the committee meetings are closer together there.   Meetings within the district after session are just as challenging because the 15th Senate district is the largest in the state (four times the size of the state of Rhode Island).  By the end of this month, I will have spoken to groups from most of the counties and if you would like me to speak to your group or organization please contact us at 434 374 5129 or

 Veto Session

The Reconvened Session, often called Veto Session, was this past Wednesday.  This was the first year in at least 25 years that the Governor did not veto a single bill. The Governor did, however, offer amendments to 122 of the bills that were sent to him. Most of these amendments were minor changes that did not affect the intent of the bill.  I would credit Governor McDonnell's experience and willingness to work with the General Assembly for the lack of vetoes. 

 Scams to the Right of Us – Scams to the Left of Us

While Washington is trying to pass legislation to go after some in the financial market that are more interested in their profit than your financial security, they are ignoring risks that you face.  Clearly Goldman Sachs and others need to be reigned in, but while they are proposing that, they are looking the other way when many others are scamming good folks.  Those scams can be in the form of offering you credit you will never be able to pay back to offering you free 30 day offers for products in which you have little need. 

Be on guard against companies that call you up offering to give you a service free for a month and then they will simply charge your credit account or draft your checking account.  They know that everyone likes to get something for free and that you will probably forget about your "agreement" before they start adding it to your account.  I encourage you to check every charge that is added to your charge card and look at every debit from your checking account each and every month.  Lastly I would remind you that no matter what laws are passed in Richmond, or Washington, to protect you, the one most interested in protecting you and your assets - is you.