Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

News from Office of Senator Frank Ruff

Wed, 2011-09-07 20:00 -- Mike

  As it currently stands, I do not have an opponent on the ballot for the November election for the 15th District Senate seat.  Mr. Thomas did not collect enough signatures on petitions to qualify.  He has, however, vowed he will appeal.

While I may not have any opposition for the Senate seat, I still need to earn the honor of representing you in the 15th Senate District.  There are 120,000 new constituents in the new district.  The square mile area is by far the largest in the Commonwealth.  Because of these two facts, your continued support is needed.  It is important that I go and meet as many people as possible in order to know your concerns, ideas, and thoughts on the issues that affect us.

This week and next, I will be in Brunswick, Campbell, Danville, Halifax, Lunenburg, and Prince George County.  I would love to come and speak to groups in your area and get to know you all better.  If you know of any groups or clubs that would be interested in allowing  me to speak, let us know and we will work to find a mutually acceptable date before the election.