Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

New Laws Sponsored by GOP Senators Take Effect July 1

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Sun, 2010-06-27 20:00 -- tjcosgrove

                On July 1, 2010, nearly 900 new laws passed during this year’s General Assembly session will take effect.  Among that legislation are dozens of bills sponsored by members of the Senate Republican Caucus.

                 “While the focus of this year’s session was rightfully on the budget, the General Assembly managed to pass many positive bills focused on an array of policy areas,” commented Senate Republican Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (James City).  “Members of the Senate Republican Caucus carried bills this session focused on job creation, economic development, education, transportation, public safety, and many other policy areas.  In fact, the legislation that is the basis for Virginia’s lawsuit against the federal healthcare bill was first passed as a policy proposed by Senate Republicans.”

                 Below are some highlights of key bills patroned by each member of the Senate Republican Caucus that will take effect on Thursday.

  • Senator Harry Blevins (Chesapeake)
    • SB 8 – Sets up certification program for pyrotechnicians and firework operators and requires a certified person be present when fireworks displays are conducted.
    • SB 201 – Requires the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission (JLARC) to conduct an operational and performance audit of Virginia’s transportation programs.
  • Senator Emmett Hanger (Augusta)
    • SB 334 – Allows persons with concealed handgun permits to carry concealed weapons into restaurants or bars so long as they do not consume alcohol.
    • SB 623 – Allows tax credits for the creation of “green” jobs.
  • Senator Robert Hurt (Pittsylvania)
    • SB 455 – Exempts veterans from the handling fee charged by the Department of Business Assistance when establishing a small business through the one-stop small business permitting program. 
    • SB 486 – Requires the Department of Juvenile Justice to provide information to law-enforcement relating to involvement in or investigations of criminal street gangs. 
  • Senator Steve Martin (Chesterfield)
    • SB 55 – Allows voters entitled to vote absentee due to active duty military service, service in the merchant marines, or temporary residence outside of the United States and the dependents of such voters to use the federal write-in absentee ballot to voce in state and local elections, as well as federal elections.
    • SB 311 – Provides that no resident of the Commonwealth shall be required to maintain an insurance policy.
  • Senator Ryan McDougle (Hanover)
    • SB 128 – Allows for trading of NOx and SO2 credits and prohibits the Air Pollution Control Board from preventing businesses in certain regions of the state from purchasing such credits from other facilities.
    • SB 670 – Requires prisoners who owe fines, court costs, and other penalties to contribute part of their pay from work programs to relieving this obligation.
  • Senator Jeff McWaters (Virginia Beach)
    • SB 696 – Allows active-duty military personnel in uniform to use HOV lanes in Hampton Roads regardless of the number of passengers.
  • Senator Steve Newman (Lynchburg)
    • SB 537 – Allows for increases in the speed limit to 70 mph on highways that currently have 65 mph speed limits. 
    • SB 602 – The fact that an umbilical cord has not been cut or that the placenta remains attached should not be considered when determining if an infant has achieved an independent and separate existence
    • SB 736 – Allows for the establishment of college partnership laboratory schools by any public college that operates a teacher education program.  Schools will be public schools established by contract between the college’s board and the Board of Education.  Teachers shall be employees of the college and licensed by the Board of Education. 
    • SB 737 – Requires charter school applicant to submit charter application to state Board of Education for review based on Board’s criteria before being submitted to local school board.  If application is denied, the applicant may seek technical assistance from the Superintendent of Public Instruction and petition for reconsideration of the decision. 
    • SB  738 – Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop and the Board of Education to approve criteria for approving multi-division providers of online courses and virtual school programs.  Allows local school boards to enter into contracts with approved private or non-profit organizations to provide such courses and programs. 
  • Senator Tommy Norment (James City)
    • SB 512 – Requires legislators to disclose on their Statement of Economic Interest any salary they or members of their immediate families earn from state or local governments or advisory agencies.
    • SB 520 – Adds murder of auxiliary police officers or auxiliary deputy sheriffs to the capital murder statute
  • Senator Mark Obenshain
    • SB 352 – Allows for delayed implementation of statutes and regulations for school accreditation that were not already in effect as of June 30, 2008.
  • Senator Fred Quayle
    • SB 283 – Provides that no resident of the Commonwealth shall be required to maintain an insurance policy.
  • Senator Frank Ruff
    • SB 656 – Adds personal property and real property improvements used primarily to manufacture a product from renewable energy as a separate classification of property for local property tax purposes.
  • Senator Ralph Smith (Botetourt)
    • SB 506 – Prohibits the Governor, his PAC, or any pertinent Secretaries from knowingly soliciting or accepting contributions, gifts, or other items worth more than $50 from any bidders or offerors, their controlling persons, or persons acting on their behalf, who have submitted bids or proposals for public contracts worth $5 million.
  • Senator Walter Stosch (Henrico)
    • SB 739 – Expands the use of grants from the Governor’s Development Opportunity Fund to allow such grants to be used for the construction or build-out of privately owned buildings to allow Virginia to more aggressively pursue companies looking to construct headquarters and operations centers in Virginia.  
  • Senator Richard Stuart (Westmoreland)
    • SB 151 – Prevents home owners’ associations from prohibiting the display of American flags on private property.
  • Senator Jill Vogel (Fauquier)
    • SB 408 – Allows persons who may lawfully own a firearm to carry a handgun in a private motor vehicle if it is locked in a container or compartment.
    • SB 417 – Provides that no resident of the Commonwealth shall be required to maintain an insurance policy.
  • Senator Frank Wagner (Virginia Beach)
    • SB 394 – Sets the Commonwealth’s policy to support exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas resources 50 miles or more off Virginia’s coast.
  • Senator William Wampler (Bristol)  
    • SB 613 – Allows members of the Virginia National Guard called to state active duty by the Governor to continue their health care coverage, at the member’s expense.
    • SB 622 – Prohibits dental insurance plans from establishing a rate that a dentist or oral surgeon is required to accept for services unless the services are covered under the dental plan.
  • Senator John Watkins (Powhatan)
    • SB 243 – Exempts active duty military personnel who are residents and on leave from having to obtain a basic fishing license.
    • SB 472 – Reduces the number of full-time jobs needed to qualify for the Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit from 100 to 50, or from 50 to 25 in enterprise zones. 
    • SB 475 – Provides that grants and loans from the Governor’s Development Opportunity Fund be awarded based on job creation, private capital investment, and additional tax revenue expected to accrue to the state or localities. 

To learn about more of the laws taking effect on July 1, you may read the Session Highlights publication prepared by the Division of Legislative Services or visit the Legislative Information System website.