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McWaters statement on accelerated implementation of E-Verify

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Sun, 2011-03-20 20:00 -- ajohnston

Virginia Beach, VA, March 21, 2011 - In the final days of the 2011 General Assembly Session, Senator Jeff McWaters(R-Virginia Beach) and Senator George Barker(D-Alexandria) coordinated a bi-partisan majority to pass SB 1049. The bill requires all state contractors in Virginia, with over 50 employees or state contracts over $50,000, to participate in the federal E-Verify system by December 1, 2013. It is a significant step forward from a similar bill passed last year, HB 737(2010), which requires all state agencies to use E-Verify by December 1, 2012. "I am very encouraged with the Governor's announcement that all executive branch state agencies will be implementing the E-Verify system this year, 18 months ahead of the legislated deadline," said Senator McWaters."  

"I applaud the Governor's office for implementing the E-Verify program as required by HB 737 well in advance of the legislated deadline. Coupled with the hard work during this year's session to pass SB 1049, the Governor's announcement sends a clear message that the Commonwealth is serious about leading by example and ensuring each state job is held by citizens of the United States. With unemployment rates at close to seven percent, we must use tools like E-Verify to protect your jobs and tax dollars by only employing eligible workers," continued McWaters. "After this accelerated implementation by state agencies, I am hopeful that public contractors will follow suit and voluntarily implement the E-Verify system in their companies ahead of the current December 1, 2013 deadline established by my legislation."

For the full press release from the Governor's office, click here.