Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Gordy vs. Colgan

Thu, 2011-10-27 20:00 -- Mike
By the time incumbent Democratic Senator Chuck Colgan went on the air with his trademark "Rocky" ad - yes, stairs and all - Republican challenger Tom Gordy was already giving him the fight of his career.
Observers of Virginia politics have probably seen Colgan's two prior "Rocky"-themed ads from 2003 and 2007, and credit where due, it's a memorable ad. But to watch them side-by-side is to realize that the accomplishments of which Colgan boasts in 2011 are the exact same ones he featured eight (and four) years ago.
I like Chuck Colgan, but it's time for new leadership. It's time for a Senator who knows that higher taxes aren't the answer, who supports Virginia's right to work laws, and has forward-looking solutions to Northern Virginia's transportation needs.
If Virginia's economy is to continue to grow, we need to cut through the red tape and find ways to help businesses grow. As President of the Armed Forces Marketing Council, Tom Gordy knows what it takes for businesses to succeed. A former congressional staffer, a commissioned officer in the Navy Reserves, and a congressional affairs advisor to U.S. Army Gen. Ray Odierno during his tenure as Commander of Multi-National Forces in Iraq, Tom Gordy is just the sort of man we need in the Senate of Virginia - someone with a  record of service, extensive work in (and representing) the private sector, and thoroughgoing understanding of government.
Tom has turned this into an extremely competitive race in one of the most pleasant surprises of this election season. Democratic Majority Leader Dick Saslaw personally prevailed upon Chuck Colgan to run once more - he had intended to retire - to keep the seat out of Republican hands. So if you've ever wanted to throw a wrench into the best laid plans of the Democratic leadership, here's your chance:help Tom Gordy cross the finish line! 
Building a Conservative Governing Majority
Earlier this month, I took to the pages of Bearing Drift magazine to talk about why a conservative majority in the Senate of Virginia is so desperately needed. I know I don't need to tell you what we're fighting for this year, but sometimes, with the election just around the corner, it's helpful to pause and remind ourselves of why we're doing this.
Why we're making calls and knocking on doors. Why we're opening up our wallets to help great candidates succeed. You and I both know what's at stake on Election Day - but still, a little reminder never hurts.
If you haven't read it yet, please click here to read my feature article entitled "Building a Conservative Governing Majority in Virginia."
And, after you read the article, if you want to help make a conservative majority in the Senate a reality, please consider contributing to some of our great Senate challengers, or helping me take this message across the Commonwealth in support of our Republican nominees. And get involved! Someone at your local unit (find yours here, under "Get Local" on the sidebar) will be glad to help connect you to campaigns in your area.