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Be a Part of Virginia's Reform Efforts

Thu, 2011-08-04 20:00 -- Mike

In less than a month, the Governor's Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring begins its second phase. First convened a little over a year ago, the Reform Commission exists to identify a way forward for Virginia, making state government leaner, smarter, and more efficient.


This means identifying innovative solutions that offer better results at a better value. It means streamlining operations, eliminating redundancies, cutting out the fat, and coming up with better ways to achieve our goals. And it means being more transparent about everything we do, inviting the public to understand and be involved in the government of this Commonwealth as never before.


The Full Commission will be taking up more of these ideas soon, but the best ideas might not be out there yet, or may not have fully caught our attention. That's why I am interested in hearing your ideas for government reform. Whether your proposal is system-wide or addresses inefficiencies you've seen in a particular agency, I will gladly go to bat for any good proposal for making state government leaner, more transparent, and more effective.


If you have an idea you would like to see considered by the Reform Commission, please email me As a charter member of the Reform Commission, I'm committed to ensuring that this commission isn't just the latest in a long line of well-intentioned but unprofitable efforts. With your help, the Reform Commission can be a vehicle of lasting reform.