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Richmond, Va, 23 February 2013:  The Virginia Senate Republican Caucus today expressed satisfaction on the overall success of legislation sponsored by its members at the conclusion of the 2013 session of the Virginia General Assembly.  The General Assembly has adjourned its 46-day regular session for the year, finishing on schedule.

The Senate approved more than 900 bills this session. Agreement with the House was reached on over 800 bills, which are now headed to Governor McDonnell for consideration.

Unlike the 2012 Session that dragged into a lengthy period of stalemate because of Senate Democrats’ refusal to approve a budget, this year’s session ended with a budget conference report winning approval in both houses.

“This year’s session has come to a conclusion on schedule, and the people of Virginia will benefit from what their representatives accomplished,” declared Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R-James City).  “Important legislation that improves the quality of our public schools, strengthens our transportation system, creates jobs and encourages economic growth, and fulfills the Commonwealth’s obligations to provide for core government services were all approved during this session.”

Below is a select list of bills, sponsored by members of the Senate Republican Caucus and grouped by topic.  All of the bills listed were approved by the Senate of Virginia by Crossover.  Updated information is included to show the ultimate fate of each piece of legislation.


Economic Development


SB748 (Stanley)                                                                                  Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Left in House General Laws

Creates the Building Revitalization Grant Fund to award grants of up to $100,000 to businesses that make a capital investment of $1 million in revitalizing or retrofitting existing buildings to serve as a new place of business.


SB891 (Stuart)                                                                                    Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Grants the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules the ability to review proposed rules and regulations to ensure they contain no mandate that improperly burdens businesses.


SB 1120 (McWaters)                                                                          Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Left in House Appropriations

Directs four state agencies to develop a coordinated marketing campaign to attract entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, and to aid them in navigating state requirements for new businesses.

SB 1138 (McWaters)                                                                          Passed Senate 32-7

                                                                                                            Passed House 90-7

Establishes the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority to aid in making the Commonwealth a national and global leader in nuclear energy




SB 857 (Blevins)                                                                                 Passed Senate 39-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Expands the eligbility for in-state tuition at state-supported colleges and universities to dependents of active-duty military.


SB1074 (Obenshain)                                                                           Passed Senate 22-18

                                                                                                            Passed House 73-27

Protects religious or political student organizations at state-supported colleges and universities from restrictions on their activities and members that may contradict their core mission.


SB 1129 (Norment)                                                                            Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Left in House Appropriations

Requires full disclosure and transparency of items in conference report on the budget, including those items approved that were not included in the budget proposals previously approved by the House or Senate.


SB 1131 (McWaters)                                                                          Passed Senate 27-10

                                                                                                            Passed House 97-0

Eases the process of establishing charter schools.


SB 1175 (Ruff)                                                                                   Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 97-0

Creates a two-year provisional license for participants in Teach for America.


SB 1188 (Martin)                                                                                Passed Senate 39-0

                                                                                                            Left in House Education

Establishes the Career Pathways System Advisory Council, ensuring the coordination and collaboration of career and technical education, adult education, and workforce development programs


SB 1191 (Martin)                                                                                Passed Senate 20-20

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Allows students living on military bases or in military-owned housing to participate in interscholastic programs at local public schools


SB 1207 (Stanley)                                                                               Passed Senate 20-20

                                                                                                            Passed House 66-33

Creates the performance grading system for public schools, requiring schools to be publicly rated on a scale of A through F.


SB 1223 (Norment)                                                                            Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 75-25

Changes the evaluation process for public school teachers and administrators, and increases the period before a continuing contract may be offered from three years to five.


SB 1324 (McDougle)                                                                          Passed Senate 20-20

                                                                                                            Passed House 64-34

Requires any school that has been denied accreditation for three consecutive years to be transferred to the control of the newly created Opportunity Educational Institution Board.


Government Reform


SB 690 (Black)                                                                                   Passed Senate 23-17

                                                                                                            Passed House 98-0

Reduces the number of signatures required to have a candidate’s name placed on a presidential primary ballot from 10,000 to 5,000.


SB 791 (Garrett)                                                                                 Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Left in House General Laws

Requires the Office of the State Inspector General to develop and implement an audit work plan to schedule executive branch agencies for performance reviews in order to evaluate agencies for evidence of waste, fraud, and abuse.


SB 838 (Carrico)                                                                                 Passed Senate 39-1

                                                                                                            Left in House Appropriations

Gives members of the State Police Officers' Retirement System and the Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System the option of converting accumulated sick leave into service credit under the Virginia Retirement System.


SB 1039 (Newman)                                                                            Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 99-1

Will make vital records, such as birth certificates, available at local DMV offices.


SB 1095 (Hanger)                                                                               Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Left in House Appropriations

Provides for bonding that includes funding for combined sewer overflow projects in the Cities of Lynchburg and Richmond.


SB 1161 (Smith)                                                                                 Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Left in House Appropriations

Requires that the conference report on the budget be available on the General Assembly's website for at least 48 hours prior to legislative action.


SB 1229 (Vogel)                                                                                 Passed Senate 33-7

                                                                                                            Passed House 94-0

Creates a Commissioner of Elections, responsible for the management of the Department of Elections (currently State Board of Elections).


SB 1241 (Stosch)                                                                                Passed Senate 38-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 79-19

Restores conformity of the Virginia tax code with the federal tax code with regard to the federal earned income tax credit.


SB 1256 (Obenshain)                                                                          Passed Senate 20-20

                                                                                                            Passed House 65-34

Eliminates most forms of identification that do not feature a photograph from the list of acceptable identifications for voting.


SB 1305 (Wagner)                                                                              Passed Senate 38-1

                                                                                                            Passed House 95-5

Grants the powers of industrial development authorities to the Virginia Port Authority.


Health Care


SB 794 (Garrett)                                                                                 Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Allows licensed physicians and health care professionals to certify 15 days in advance of a medical procedure that an applicant will have a temporary disability that limits or impairs their ability to walk so that DMV can issue a temporary handicapped placard.


SB 921 (Watkins)                                                                               Passed Senate 32-5

                                                                                                            Passed House 62-38

Revises Virginia's laws pertaining to the regulation of health insurance and related products to be consistent with relevant requirements of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).


SB 953 (Ruff)                                                                                     Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 99-0

Expands the duties of the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services related to services for individuals with Alzheimer's disease.


SB 971 (Black)                                                                                   Passed Senate 29-11

                                                                                                            Died in Conference

Requires physicians to provide those tested for Lyme disease with complete information, in writing, regarding the test and the disease.


Honoring Veterans and Military Service Members


SB 1363 (Vogel)                                                                                 Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Allows members of the armed forces to use either their permanent duty post or their current address as their residence for the purposes of firearms purchases.


Law Enforcement, Consumer Protection, and Public Safety


SB 832 (Stuart)                                                                                   Passed Senate 33-5

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Provides that those convicted of child pornography charges subject to a five-year mandatory minimum term must serve that term consecutively with any other sentence imposed.


SB 839 (Carrico)                                                                                 Passed Senate 38-1

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Allows local governments to designate mutually agreed-upon boundary lines between contiguous localities for purposes of organizing 911 dispatch and response.


SB 1010 (Stanley)                                                                               Passed Senate 39-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Increases the penalties for those convicted of identity theft.


SB 1031 (Reeves)                                                                               Passed Senate 39-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Makes it illegal to use a computer for the purposes of taking indecent liberties with a minor.


SB 1032 (Reeves)                                                                               Passed Senate 38-1

                                                                                                            Passed House 100-0

Adds some offenses committed before 1975 to the list of offenses requiring a person to register on the Sex Offender Registry.


SB 1060 (Reeves)                                                                               Passed Senate 30-9

                                                                                                            Defeated in House 42-55

Adds bicycles, electric personal assistive mobility devices, electric power-assisted bicycles, and mopeds to those vehicles that a driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow more closely than is reasonable.


SB 1165 (Newman)                                                                            Passed Senate 40-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 67-28

Strengthens requirements and restrictions on provisional driver’s licenses for those under 18.


SB 1166 (Smith)                                                                                 Passed Senate 38-2

                                                                                                            Passed House 95-0

Allows for a mandatory minimum of 10 hours of community service for those convicted of littering or illegal dumping.


SB 1205 (McDougle)                                                                          Passed Senate 38-0

                                                                                                            Passed House 99-1

Adds several crimes to the list of those that can be considered an act associated with criminal gang activity.


SB 1222 (Norment)                                                                            Passed Senate 24-15

                                                                                                            Passed House 91-6

Makes texting while driving a primary offense and institutes fine of $250 for the first conviction and a fine of $500 for the second.


SB 1335 (Obenshain)                                                                          Passed Senate 39-1

                                                                                                            Passed House 76-23

Prohibits the disclosure of personal information for those protected by court protective orders who are issued a concealed handgun permit.