Virginia Senate Republican Caucus


Thu, 2020-03-12 14:59 -- Eric

RICHMOND, VA, 12 MARCH 2020: Senate Republicans today expressed their concern about the results of the 2020 regular session of the Virginia General Assembly on its adjournment.

“Adjourning after 65 days, Virginia’s businesses and business climate will likely endure the greatest effect from the 2020 session,” noted Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R-James City).  “From costly new regulations on energy and mandated higher wages, the Democrat majority has done much to diminish Virginia’s reputation for being America’s ‘best state for business.’

“I am proud of Senate Republicans for resisting so much of the Democrats’ extreme progressive agenda.  From the proposal to repeal Virginia’s Right-to-Work law to the effort to turn law-abiding Virginians into felons for retaining weapons they legally purchased, Senate Republicans successfully fought to defeat some of the most extreme proposals from passing.”

“I am deeply concerned the budget approved today will not be operative in a very short period of time,” Senate Republican Leader Pro Tempore Stephen D. Newman (R-Bedford) remarked.  “Considering the events of the last several weeks and the continued uncertainty due to the spread of the Coronavirus, the revenue assumptions in this budget are nowhere near as certain as they were even a few days ago.  The Governor’s decision to declare a state of emergency only heightens my concern.

“While I hope it is not the case, we may be back here very soon to make painful decisions to bring this budget back into balance.”