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Senate Republicans Comment on Bolling Memorandum

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Mon, 2012-01-02 19:00 -- tjcosgrove

Richmond, Va, 3 January 2012:  Incoming Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R-James City) and Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Ryan T. McDougle (R-Hanover) today praised Lieutenant Governor William T. “Bill” Bolling for the “sound judgment” of a memorandum released by his office specifying his constitutional prerogatives regarding legislative action.

“Lieutenant Governor Bolling has again demonstrated his commitment to the Constitution and his dedication to the Senate of Virginia,” Senator Norment remarked.  “By specifically detailing the powers of his office, he has brought sound judgment and a balanced, judicious perspective to this situation.  He has once again set the standard for future Lieutenant Governors.”

“The Lieutenant Governor’s memorandum is spot on,” said Senator McDougle.  “There is little ambiguity in this situation, and those who continue to challenge his constitutional authority are doing so solely for partisan advantage.  Along with the decision handed down by Judge Snukals last month, this memorandum confirms the prerogatives of Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor.  Now it is time for those who have been pursuing partisan court challenges to abandon such efforts, allowing the Senate of Virginia to organize and begin acting on behalf of the people of Virginia next week.”