Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

Republican Majority Senate leads to budget Surplus

Tue, 2013-08-06 21:28 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Richmond, Va, 13 July 2015:  The leadership of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus today remarked on the announcement of the Commonwealth’s $553 million budget surplus.

“Today’s announcement is the direct result of Republicans regaining the Senate majority in June of last year,” declared Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (R-James City).  “The budget that ultimately led to this surplus was only approved after the Senate Democrats’ 136-day majority ended.  On the very same day Senate Republicans regained the majority, we acted swiftly to approve a budget and end the Democrats’ three-and-a-half-month budget stalemate.

“Not a single Senate Democrat supported that budget, which required the vote of every Republican senator to be approved.  It is that budget, along with the swift action taken to remedy a newly identified revenue shortfall last November, that resulted in today’s announcement of a surplus.

“Chairmen Stosch and Jones, and the staffs of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees, have done an outstanding job delivering responsible, conservative budgets for the Commonwealth.  Today’s announcement will help to replenish our Rainy Day Fund, as well as result in pay increases for our school teachers and college faculty, sheriff’s deputies and state police, and state employees.  Those outcomes are strong reminders of the benefits of responsible budgeting, which in this case is a direct result of having a Republican majority in the Senate of Virginia.”

“When you consider where we were in early June of 2014, with a budget stalemate having dragged for months with no end in sight, today’s announcement is remarkable,”  noted Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Ryan T. McDougle (R-Hanover).  “The difference between the Senate having a Democrat majority or a Republican one could not be more stark.

“Under the Democrat majority, Virginia endured a lengthy budget impasse that only ended when Republicans regained the majority.  Under a Republican majority, we passed a budget immediately in June, addressed a newly discovered revenue shortfall in November, and approved a package of budget amendments in record time this February.  That is a contrast Virginians need to remember.

“Senate Republicans have consistently stood for fiscal responsibility.  As today’s announcement confirms, we deliver on that pledge, to the benefit of the Commonwealth and the people of Virginia.”