Virginia Senate Republican Caucus

September 2010

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Stand with Ken Cuccinelli (plus: the VDOT audit is in!)

Wed, 2010-09-22 20:00 -- ajohnston


Two major developments took place today that I want you to know about: first, the results of the VDOT audit are in -- and the auditors turned up $1.45 billion! And secondly, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed his response to the federal government's motion for summary judgment on the ObamaCare lawsuit, and I think we should all thank Ken for his principled stand.

Let's split this up:

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Senate Republican Caucus Looks Ahead to 2011 Elections

Mon, 2010-09-13 20:00 -- ajohnston

As the nation focuses on the upcoming elections this fall, the Senate Republican Caucus is focused just as intently on laying the groundwork for our 2011 State Senate campaigns.  In 2011, the entire Virginia Senate is up for election, and Senate Republicans are intently focused on the goal of regaining a majority in the Senate by picking up at least three seats.